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Home Owners to Benefit from Successful Industry Summit on Smart Meter issue

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has today hailed the success of a South Australian industry summit aimed at tackling lengthy delays in having electrical meters installed.

Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Richards said South Australian home builders and owners were currently being forced to wait up to 16 weeks to have a meter installed, due to the recently introduced national Power of Choice laws.

“Under Power of Choice, managing the meter is the responsibility of the retailer, but still involves the network provider, an official metering provider and the electrical contractor at various points in the process,” Mr Richards said.

“This has led to significant bureaucracy and lengthy delays, and is adding several thousand dollars to the cost of a new home build and driving up the price of power.
“We are very hopeful that today’s meeting will help all the various players in the industry to work through some of the delays, and we should see the process speeding up and those timeframes coming down in the next few months.”

Mr Richards said a number of states, including South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland, were still overly bureaucratic in their approach to metering, and could benefit from adopting the New South Wales model.

“In New South Wales, an electrical contractor with the appropriate training and licence is able to install the meter while he or she is wiring the house. That condenses this process into a single day, and completely cuts out the waiting time.

“We will see some improvements in South Australia after today’s industry summit, but the best outcome will be achieved when the contractor can simply do the job and cut out the middle man.

“Master Electricians Australia will continue to fight for this outcome, and we look forward to working with the State Government to get the best result for SA home owners.”
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Electricians Urge Aussies Not to Let Their Christmas Go Up in Flames

Master Electricians Australia is urging all Australians to exercise a high degree of caution with electrical equipment over the coming days and to not let their Christmas go up in flames, literally.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said that people need to be alert to electrical hazards, both for themselves and young children over the festive season.

“Whether it’s putting up or down Christmas lights and New Year decorations, connecting the family Christmas tree, or plugging in electronic presents, Australians will be coming into close contact with a lot of electrical equipment over the Christmas and New Year period,” Mr Richards said.
“The festive season is a time for all Australians to relax and spend time with friends and family, but people cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to their own safety. “It’s important that people are alert to electrical hazards such as live wires, the overloading of power boards and the increased risk that is posed if it rains or storms.

“Ensure that safety switches are installed on all electrical circuits, this is a relatively inexpensive way to significantly increase safety around the home.

“If you think that any electrical equipment you’re using may be damaged then don’t risk it, saving a few dollars is not worth the emotional cost of losing yourself or a loved one,” Mr Richards said.
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New Smoke Alarm Legislation

New smoke alarm legislation integrates measures that aim to make Queensland households the safest in the country.

The new legislation mandates owners and building managers of all residential buildings in Queensland to install interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms in the dwelling, and in the hallways that connect the rooms with the rest of the building.

The legislation also states that smoke alarms manufactured more than a decade ago must be replaced, as well as those that fail to operate when tested.
We have prepared a comprehensive guide to the new Smoke Alarm Legislation to provide more insight on what it means for homeowners and to help those who seek to comply with the legislation.
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